Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

During the support we have experienced that some questions are commonly asked . Therefore we have made a collection of commonly asked questions and possible solutions to help yourself in solving your computer issues. We have worked hard to make this collection and will work continue to improve it .


Computer  not turn on, What to do ?

First check the computer's power cord is plugged into the socket, If you are using a extension strip, make sure that the strip is properly plug in to the wall power socket and power is coming in to strip. Also check the power is properly coming in wall socket . Switch on the power button and see if that solves the problem.

Computer got crashed ?

When computer stop working there are so many reasons . If nothing is happen when you press the keyboard buttons or mouse the best you can do just restart the computer. Sometimes it’s not work, if this is the case there isn't much you can do about it . it's true that computer is a complex machine and a normal user can't repair it by himself . In that case pls call “mytechelp” . We are here to make your computer healthy.

No display on the monitor

Make sure the power cord is correctly connected to monitor and power switch is on . If no green or orange light is seen on the monitor try to tight power cord and press  the power button of monitor. If power is coming and still there is nothing on the monitor then make sure that monitor is connected with computer . Sometimes  your monitor is on and monitor screen is black nothing is showing there, it's likely that the computer is in sleep mode. You can try by moving mouse, click the mouse buttons or by pressing any key on the keyboard . If still nothing is happen “mytechelp” is here to help you .

Deformed picture on monitor / No signal input Error

Sometimes you receive a deformed picture on the monitor . Magnetic or other types of interference can be a reason of deformed picture . Check if any source of magnetic effect is near by like speakers  or other magnetic devices , if that is there remove them . The another reason of this problem is VGA cable (used to connect monitor with computer ) .  Check if the cable is not loose or defective. Disconnect the cable and verify that all pins of cable are in good position , there is  no bent or broken in pins . Now re-connect the cable . If still problem is not resolve you need to replace the cable . Call “mytechelp “  your computer doctor .


Mouse not working properly

An optical mouse are likely experiencing erratic behavior because the mouse is dirty. Clean the mouse, If you've cleaned the mouse and continue to encounter issues unfortunately your mouse is defective. You can make one more try by connect the mouse to another computer. If mouse is also not working there this is the time to replace it . Call “mytechelp” we always there to help you .

Mouse movement is not proper on screen

If you're running any version of Microsoft Windows adjust the mouse settings through the Mouse Properties . To reach there open the Control Panel and double-clicking the Mouse icon.

How to clean keyboard

We never suggest to clean it by yourself until your are a expert user .The keys on a keyboard are clipped on . Carefully pop the keys off with a screwdriver or other thin sharp object . After removing the keys clean under the keys .


File is being used by Windows message appears during deletion

This message appears when file is in use by some program to avoid this error first close all programs and then try to delete .  If still encountering the same issue, boot the computer into Safe Mode and try to delete the files.

How to go into safe mode

To go into the safe mode start pressing up the  "F8 Key" it will take you to the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". Move to "Safe Mode" by pressing arrow key and press Enter key. The computer will boot in safe mode .

Windows update

Window update are the patches and hot fix develop by Microsoft to remove the bugs from OS . These update release by Microsoft time to time . These update help your system to run smoothly . The best way to update make the setting to automatically update when a new update becomes available computer will check and update the OS by it self . Internet connection is required to get these updates .

Do not turn off  computer without shut down

You should not simply press the power button or restart the computer unless there is an issue with the computer. If you will not shut down computer properly there is chance that OS will crash . When you click on shut down it enables a computer to go through all the necessary steps that are required before turning off the computer. In fact it’s check the computer for any problems .

How to recover accidently delete file

Sometimes you have delete file by mistake . No worry when you press the delete button (without shift combination) to delete a file . The file first goes to the recycle bin . You can restore this file back to the original location . To restore to the computer desktop select the recycle icon double click on icon, it will open the recycle bin, here you will see all of the files which you have delete . Select the files you want to recover, right click on file and click restore.


Not able to connect to Internet ?

First check that your WiFi modem is on If the modem is on and your still not able to open the website check the status of Wifi in your desktop / laptop in right most corner . If It shows yellow symbol then left click on this then select your wifi and right click on your wifi name go to properties then check the password . Put the right password now it will connect .

 How to clear Internet cookies?

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer users just click on 'Safety' and choose 'Delete browsing history .  Google Chrome users , go to 'More Tools' and choose 'Clear browsing data . For Firefox users can go to 'History', then choose 'Clear recent history'.


Not able to send or receive email?

First check that your computer is connected with Internet .  Ensure that Internet e-mail server is not having any issues. You can check it with your Internet Service Provider or your office Mail / Network administrator.

Email attachments are not receiving

First check your mail box If your mail box is full it can be a reason of not receiving the mail attachments Secondly you can check with your mail administrator or security administrator or email service provider as  many e-mail service providers and companies  prevent certain types of file extensions from being received through e-mail .

Can we use spaces in email addresses

No spaces are allowed in an e-mail address. However, you can broken up the email address using a period; like,: .


Deformed pages printing

Printer head play a important role in printing . The main reason of deformed printing is dirty head . All printers have printer cleaning, self-test or diagnose feature that can be performed to clean the printers heads and other internal part used to print.

Paper jam what to do

First switch off the printer. Then open the printer doors and look for any stuck paper. If the stuck paper is visible then manually try to remove it . Do not use the pressure for removing the paper try to genteelly remove it . When paper remove . Turn the printer on. If not able to remove the paper don’t be panic . Call “mytechelp” we are here to help you always .

Printer installation disk lost

No need to worry . All printer manufacturers provide downloads option of their printer drivers from their website’s .  If you are not able to download, Call “mytechelp” we will provide you free of cost


Problem in connecting  to network drive

First check that network cable is connected to the computer.  Try to remove it and reinsert in to the network slot of computer / laptop . Then try to ping the computer /laptop /server where that network drive is . If still not able to connect , call “mytechelp” as the issue is more serious .

How to map network drive

Go to my computer from desktop there you will find the option of “Map netrok driver” . Click on that and put the folder name in the prescribed format . for example put \\server\share  against the folder option . If you want to reconnect it later on also the put the check mark against the “Reconnect at logon” tab and If a different login credentials are required to connect then put them against the box and click on finish.

What is my computer's name

To check your computer name go to desktop and select my computer the right-click My Computer, click on properties .It will open a new window there your will see the computer name , domain and workgroup details . If you want to change the name or workgroup, click the Change settings button.


What is a computer virus?

Computer Virus or Trojan are software program that has been intentionally created to destroy data or to steal the data from computer. To help prevent computer from becoming infected by a virus, anti virus software’s are required . Always remember to install the best available anti virus software’s .

Is virus harmful for computer hardware

No. Computer viruses are software programs develop to delete files  and cause other problems with the data on the computer. There is no effect of virus on to the computer hardware . It only harm the software programs or os .