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We provide quick & effective solutions for all your PC and IT related needs.

Our experienced team here at My Tech Help, aims to build up a strong & ever lasting valuable relationships with our clients by serving them with the most economical and relaible Computer & peripheral repair/support services. We can provide you with the best corporate solutions for all your home and business IT related requirements. Our PC and IT support services are especially formulated to speed & boost up your complete IT performance, whenever it is demanded.


Usability Training.

My Tech Help sincerely belives in DIY (Do It Yourself) policy. In todays time it is very important for each one of us to have complete knowledge about the devices which we use in our daily routine, especially Computers and its Peripherals. Though these devices makes our work much more easier but on the other hand they are also very sensitive and can malfunction at any instant of time. With the help of Usability Training initiative by My Tech Help, one can learn much more about their devices. Its not only saves the money, but also avoid the wastage of time, waiting for any technician or carrying these heavy machines to external repair stores and waiting in que.

Services Offered


Antivirus Support

There is a possibility that problems can enter in your PC through internet as viruses. What the fact matters is, that the issue should be eradicated at the earliest. Call Virus Removal Experts @ 1-844-622-1090 (Toll Free).

Printer Support

At My Tech Help, we are committed to render you the best available services for your Printers. we can resolve starting from the set-up and installation upto the unusual paper jams.

Email Support

Unable to configure your e-mail account properly? An e-mail user may face various issues while operating their email accounts. Don't worry, our team consist of well experienced & qualified email technicians who can assist you instantly via phone.

Software Support

Our Computer and peripheral software support service had been specially designed while keeping in mind to speed up your entire PC mechanism, the way its need, the time it is required. You may call on our Toll Free Helpline at 1-844-622-1090

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